Are you interested in a chance to work and tour Ghana?

This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is open to all students and recent graduates within the African diaspora.

Our Mission

Ekua Haizel empowers and inspires African diasporans by giving them the tools and opportunity to reclaim their narrative. We provide a range of events including motivation conferences and panelled discussions.

Ekua Haizel provides the opportunity for students and recent graduates in the African diaspora to do 10 week long internships in Ghana; combined with a cultural tour around Ghana.

The Team

Gillian Asafu-Adjaye

Founder and Director

Jemima Akinola

Executive Director

Junelle Ayettey

Student Ambassador

Want to work and tour Ghana this summer?

Ekua Haizel is happy to bring you the second edition
of 'The Experience'. A 10 week work and cultural tour of Ghana. This international experience will provide a unique opportunity to undertake some experience in your prospective career, while immersing yourself in an incredibly diverse and vibrant country.


Africa on the rise.

‘…beyond the ‘Africa Rising’ or ‘Africa failing’ narratives to ‘Africa Being’

Nanjala Nyabola
Exert from ‘Digital democracies and analogue politics’

Africa on the Rise is a panel discussion dedicated to addressing political, economical, social and educational issues arising in Africa. The conference aims to examine the role the diaspora has to play in combating these issues and encourage powerful and thought-provoking discussions. With the help of our panel experts, we hope to explore the issues most relevant to the audience.

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need to be Ghanaian to do an internship?
No. Our internships are open to everyone within the African diaspora.

Do I need to live in the UK to apply?
No. applicants are welcome from all over the world. Applicant should note Ghana is an English-speaking country and are encouraged to apply only if this won’t be a barrier.

Are the internships paid?
These are unpaid internship experience; however, employers may cover cost of food, travel etc at their discretion.  

Where will I stay?
If you require accommodation it will be provided in Accra (capital of Ghana)

Can I do an internship without doing ‘The Experience’ programme?
No. Successful applicants will be placed in companies and join other successful applicants for biweekly weekend activities.

How much does the programme cost?
The total cost of the package will vary depending on your accommodation requirements. Package starting cost are £1,500.

I am not a student can I still do the programme?

Who will I work for?
During the application you will be able to indicate what industry you would like to be placed in. You will then be appropriately matched to your first or second choice of industry.

I’m a business owner, how do I sign up to receive interns?
Please submit a query using the contact us form, for the first line type ‘Business enquiry’.

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