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This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is open to all students and recent graduates within the African diaspora.

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Our Mission

Ekua Haizel offers transformative summer internships tailored for minority groups, with a focus on empowering black students in their first or second year of university.

Our program in Accra, Ghana, provides participants with valuable work experience, cultural immersion, and networking opportunities. Beyond routine internships, we cultivate meaningful contributions to local initiatives, hands-on projects, and engagement with industry experts.

Cultural exploration is woven into the experience, fostering a deeper understanding of Ghana's rich history. Networking opportunities extend beyond the internship, creating enduring connections with industry leaders.

Ekua Haizel is dedicated to nurturing personal and professional growth, equipping participants for a future of leadership and success.

The Team

Gillian Asafu-Adjaye

Founder and Director

Jemima Akinola

Project Planner

Junelle Ayettey

Project Planner

Explore, Learn & Lead!
Your 4-Week Journey with Ekua Haizel

Embark on a transformative 4-week journey with Ekua Haizel, where each day brings new experiences and opportunities for growth. Throughout the program, you will:

* Discover the Rich History of Ghana:
- Tour iconic landmarks such as Cape Coast Castle and Elmina Castle, delving into the profound history that shaped the region.
- Walk across one of West Africa's longest canopy bridges, connecting with nature and absorbing the breathtaking views.

* Empower Yourself with Leadership Insights:
- Immerse yourself in a dynamic 2-day leadership masterclass led by seasoned professionals.
- Gain invaluable insights into personal branding, exploring 'What makes a good leader?', and navigating the world of work as a minority.
- Tackle ethical conflicts head-on, refining your decision-making skills for real-world impact.

*Connect with Influential Leaders:
- Experience two exclusive private dinners with influential leaders who are ready to share their wisdom and insights.
- Engage in meaningful conversations, expanding your network and gaining perspectives that will shape your leadership journey.

This isn't just a program; it's a holistic experience designed to empower you, challenge you, and broaden your horizons. Are you ready to transform your summer into a stepping stone for a future of leadership?

Apply now to secure your spot in this unique journey with Ekua Haizel.

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need to be Ghanaian to do an internship?
No. Our internships are open to everyone within the African diaspora.

Do I need to live in the UK to apply?
No. applicants are welcome from all over the world. Applicant should note Ghana is an English-speaking country and are encouraged to apply only if this won’t be a barrier.

Are the internships paid?
These are unpaid internship experience; however, employers may cover cost of food, travel etc at their discretion.  

Where will I stay?
In Accra (capital of Ghana).

What dates will the programme take place?
The 2024 experience will be two 4-week packages. Group A from, Saturday June 8th to Sunday July 6th. Group B from Saturday August 10th to Sunday September 8th.

How much does the programme cost?
The 2024 package is estimated to cost £2,500, including flights. This includes the cost of the tours and accommodation.This does not include, Visa on arrival, malaria tablets and the cost of transport to work and food during the week.

Who will I work for?
During the application you will be able to indicate what industry you would like to be placed in. You will then be appropriately matched to your first or second choice of industry.

I’m a business owner, how do I sign up to receive interns?
Please submit a query using the contact us form, for the first line type ‘Business enquiry’.

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